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Soluta and CRM: beyond the digital

Soluta, human passion in a digital world.

The genuine passion for technology is the beating heart of Soluta, the engine that fuels the work done and drives Soluta to constant study and updating in the area of CRM. This translates into enthusiasm to put knowledge into practice by helping the clients achieve their goals.
This passion infuses a human touch into the business!

Soluta, CRM Expert for more than 15 years: age is not just a number!

After numerous years of experience in the industry, Soluta has accumulated a detailed and in-depth knowledge of how CRM works, this implies that not only is the knowledge based on the latest technologies and methodologies in the industry, but also the ability to implement this knowledge into concrete solutions. It is not just a matter of knowing CRM, but of being able to adapt this knowledge to the needs and objectives of each company, proposing customized solutions.

Soluta, ti aiuta: more than just a motto!

Soluta's commitment is to actively collaborate with customers to address business challenges together. This involves an ongoing relationship of service and support to ensure that CRM works to the best of its ability and meets the customer's specific needs over time. Soluta places customer success at the center of its actions. Every initiative and action taken is driven by the desire to see the customer and their business grow and develop using CRM as a tool for support and improvement.