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An example of HubSpot CRM implementation

Soluta worked on a project for an Italian company in the manufacturing sector that was adopting HubSpot CRM for the first time. The objective was to manage the sales side, customer communications by the marketing team, and the internal process for new product development. This project was a real success as it encountered the 90% of adoption by the team, after only two months of its launch.

The project

Customer's needs

Soluta's activities Tools
  • Manage the collection of potential customers from different sources: online and offline, both from Italy and abroad
  • Manage internal and external activities, including of salespeople, agents, and distributors
  • Manage opportunities related to both standard and customized products
  • Manage communications to customers (newsletters)
  • Support in analyzing and defining the process of business negotiations
  • Implementation of automation and collaborative processes between technical and sales departments for the development of customer projects
  • Definition of the points of collaboration with the technical department
  • Implementation and configuration of the customer card and lead layout page
  • Customer training on the use of the system
  • HubSpot
  • GN Data Picker
Other customizations
  • Development and customization of internal process for the technical development of new products

  • Collection of applications from HR

  • Using HubSpot's app to scan business cards

Benefits for the company

The client gained several benefits from this project, including:

1. Data centralization: The company now has a unified platform to collect contacts, send emails, manage documents and projects, being able to improve organization and overview.

2. Autonomy and flexibility: After the initial training, customers have the ability to make changes and adaptations to HubSpot themselves, ensuring agile and customized management.

3. Improved collaboration: Sharing information among teams, whether sales, marketing, or human resources, has promoted closer collaboration and more effective business synergy.

In conclusion, the implementation of CRM has proven to be a strategic investment for the future, the company has gained a significant competitive advantage, setting it on the path to more efficient business management.

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