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Work at Soluta

Soluta provides a workplace of cutting-edge technologies through disciplines of marketing, sales, and customer service. Where you can grow your career by expanding your skills and capabilities.


We are Hiring!

In Soluta, each one of you, offer a unique value to our team. Apply now and we'll find job that fits your qualifications. We provide opportunity to earn certifications.


Are you a Marketing enthusiast?

Get complete, specialized training on marketing skills from our industry experts using HubSpot, Salesforce, and Freshdesk while you work with us.

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Passionate about Coding?

Test, customise and implement the softwares. Use your creativity and technical skills to help solve new and ongoing problems at Soluta.

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Data Scientists

Do you want to be a pro Analyst?

At Soluta you can conduct various data analysis by processing the raw data using right mathematical models to extract valuable information.

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Free Forever. As long as you hustle. No credit card required
  • We create amazing digital products.
  • We create amazing digital products.
  • We create amazing digital products.
  • We create amazing digital products.
  • We create amazing digital products.

We also Offer 


Soluta offers the internship opportunities for University Graduate Students for both Management and Engineering departments.

- Curriculum Projects

- Extra curriculum Projects

- Thesis  



High School Projects

We offer projects for high-school technical or IT students for the possibility to test their skills & abilities in a real environment.

- Summer Boot Camp

- Developer Week

- School Projects



Why work at Soluta?

Soluta creates an atmosphere where you can grow, show your abilities and develop your current skills in a workplace with advanced technologies in  Marketing and Sales. You can work with a well diversified team with different personalities and different capabilities.


Our Core Values 



We believe that our people are what make us unique. Every individual brings various set of skills and create his own value in Soluta and pave his path in right direction for their career.


Regardless of gender, race, or personality, we work as a team and are supportive of one another. We enjoy interacting with all cultural backgrounds and embrace it with constant learning culture.


We believe in Diversity, it's about what makes each of us unique. It is a combination of our differences that shape our perspective and our approach.


We provide the sufficient training for you to be a competent person and the right skill set for adapting the new technologies and implementing the same for organisation growth.

Ready to start your Journey with us?

Hi! I'm the HR at Soluta

Each CV we get is carefully examined by our team. Your application is being awaited! It will be our pleasure to have you at Soluta.


Do you offer Remote Working?


We offer remote working for various job positions but being an Intern we prefer that you work from office. However your work mode can be flexible based on your needs.

Is Work experience required to Apply?


Experience is required only for few Job positions, Please check in the career page. We believe that everyone need a chance to create the first employment history and Soluta is your opportunity!

What benefits do I get?


Soluta creates an atmosphere where you can grow in the peaceful workplace with the coworkers that will always support you in your journey at Soluta. We also provide the flexible remote working hours when needed. 

What is the Hiring Process?


Once you drop the CV for a relevant job or internship positions we thoroughly revise them and invite you for couple of rounds of interview. We keep you posted about the results over the mails.

Do you offer Visa Sponsorship?


We understand that the Work Visa is important for International Students. Based on your performance if you get a permanent position at Soluta, we offer work visa sponsorship however that will depend on the job requirements. 

What learning opportunities does Soluta offer?


You'll have access to various softwares, trainings and certifications. You can work on various international projects. We provide you the best  expertise that fits your abilities.  

Hear from our Employees..