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Technical Internships at Soluta

Are you a High School Student?

If you are studying in High School in Italy, Choose to intern with us at Soluta and immerse yourself in the valuable work experience. Here, we offer you a plenty of opportunities for you to get the exposure of the real world.


Our Initiatives

We have variety of programs to enable high school students experience the workplace and demonstrate their skills by presenting the solutions for live projects within the company.

High School Project

We train them by assigning a specific project and certain time period to complete it which aligns with the skills they have learnt in the school.


Summer Bootcamp

We provide the opportunity for the youngsters from Information Technology  to try, test and learn various technical skills during the summer training period at Soluta.


STEM for Girls

We introduced this initiative for girls to promote and enhance the skills of the women in Scientific - Technological and IT disciplines


Developer Week

Students at the High School are given the opportunity to build a real IT project in collaboration with Soluta at the School laboratory for a week.

Connect with us!


We are dealing with various national and international projects which can be an hands on experience for your students. These internship opportunities are shadowed by the experts of Soluta to guide at every step of the project. You can also download the brochure for details.

Work at Soluta!


Apply now to have an opportunity to understand how the companies work in the Information Technology field. Convert your academic knowledge into a professional goal. Also get trained upon the latest technologies from the Industry experts by working on the various projects.

Passionate about Information Technology?

STEM for girls

In High School Girls are choosing passionately the science & technology and computer science disciplines these days in-spite of the gender stereotypes. Join us to discover the field of work that you would like to build a career.


Our High School Students