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Customer Service Enterprise Solutions

Software for managing and monitor the customers' requests


Our Strategic Approach

1. Integration

We integrate the current customer database (for example ERP) and customize the Customer Service platform to help manage the customers' requests.

2. Customization

We personalize and adapt the Customer Service tools according to the specific needs of the customer by creating customized interfaces.

3. Migration

We can help you migrate data from one system to another. In this way it is possible to maintain the data by adopting new tools and improving processes.

Enterprise Solution


Increase customer satisfaction by managing all your tickets from a single platform

Multichannel Platform

Respond to all customer requests from various channels from a single platform with an intuitive, all-in-one contact solution.

  1. Manage all customer inquiries from various channels, such as phone calls, emails, in-app chats, website chats, WhatsApp, Social Networks and the customer portal, in a unified view.
  2. Create and manage a Customer Portal where customers can search for information or open tickets.
  3. Assign your customer tickets with an automated process that immediately transfers the ticket to a customer support agent.
  4. Reply to tickets with predefined messages or automatic replies.

Integrate support channels

Track the origin of tickets

Automated process

Proactive support flow


Software for the customer support

We give the best tools and softwares for your agents to provide automated and quick responses to your customers. 

  1. Automated systems and AI driven bots would take care of the customer tickets across various channels.
  2. Specific support pages would provide a predefined solutions for your customers for effortless self-service.
  3. Resolve the customer tickets effectively by managing them across various teams.
  4. Scale your support systems to Increase your customer retention and to build a loyal customer base.

AI driven Chat Bots

Customer Retention

Automated Customer Support

Scale Support Operations


Collaboration for Support Teams

Collaborate and interact with your team within the platform to share and forward various notes that will remain private.

  1. Create teams of agent to cooperate in specific topics.
  2. Avoid double responses with the anti-collision tools.
  3. Interact with colleagues by forwarding a ticket within the team and sending private notes.
  4. You can monitor the priority of messages thanks to the SLA management system.

Improve service productivity

Improve collaboration within the team

Anti-collision pop-ups

SLA management 


Analyse your Support Team Performance

Evaluate and understand your customer satisfaction levels along with the performance of your support team.

  • Monitor your team productivity and performance. 
  • Build custom dashboards and reports to track  key metrics of your customer support system.
  • Measure the SLA, a time limit for resolving your tickets.
  • Track customer satisfaction (CSAT) with customer surveys and analyse customer ratings.

Track CSAT ratings

Support team performance

Monitor service delivery

Reports and Dashboards

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Our Client Reviews

Filippo Vacondio
"Professional team, caring, fast and able to provide highly qualified service. Well-structured and very competent CRM company with excellent knowledge of HubSpot. Keep up the good work!!!Highly recommended!"
Francesco Puglisi
"Honest, fast to reply and support, knowledgeable partner specifically on tech setup, integrations and platform capabilities, documentation produced and problem resolution."
Valentina Malavolta
"Their efforts to ensure we were completely taken care went above and beyond my expectations. He executed the technical requirements expertly and did an excellent job communicating with our team."