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Customer Segmentation


Customer Segmentation is effective in deeply understanding your existing customers, organizing them into distinct groups based on their preferences, behaviours and demographics.

At the same time, it tracks and monitors new potential customers, classifying them based on their online searches and behaviors.

This allows your business to send tailored messages, emails and online advertising tailored to specific groups.

Profile contacts actively and continuously:

Actively gathering data through surveys and other profiling tools, to better understand the needs and interests of your contacts.

Profiling tools

Tools for collecting needs and interests of your contacts: surveys, quizzes, chatbots, Q&A

Email marketing software to send massive and targeted communication


Operative steps


  • Survey
  • Chatbot



  • Integration of survey and quiz data into the CRM





  • Design and content creation for both emails and survey



  • Performance monitoring






Did you know that...

Did you know that by collecting data relating to the interests and needs of your contacts by sending surveys, quizzes and other profiling tools, you could segment your contacts into different groups? Soluta helps you lead your contacts to purchase by actively gathering data and sending segmented emails.


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