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Sales Enterprise Solutions

Manage all your Sales activities with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our Strategic Approach

1. Consultation

We analyze the existing process and define the business objectives of the CRM project to improve the performance of the sales team and simplify their work.

2. Integration
We integrate the database of the existing system (Ex. ERP) and customise the CRM platform to improve the deals and the conversions.
3. Migration

We help you in the migration process of your data from one system to another, to preserve data by adopting new tools and improving processes.

Enterprise Solution

Increase and monitor your Sales Teams performance

CRM Platform

We streamline all sales activities with the CRM, for a better overview of your customers and for tracking their journey. 

  1. Consolidate and manage the customer data in a single customer file, and monitor the customers journey deals and stages.
  2. Integrate data from various system (ex. ERP) to organise all the activities and metrics into one cohesive system.
  3. Give to the Sales Representatives a tool to easily organise all the customer data and boost Sales.
  4. Improve the customer relationship and increase your sales performance

Contacts & Lists

Monitor deal stages

Real time Customer data

Track Sales Activities


Sales Pipelines

A Sales pipeline is a visual representation of the buyer lifecycle stage, thanks to effective tools, it measures your revenue goals.

  1. Streamline your sales with various prospecting strategy and monitor all your sales opportunities and deals.
  2. Respond to your customers by engaging with them through live chat, meetings and calls.
  3. Create the task queue to set up reminders to follow the negotiation.
  4. Pipelines provide you an overview to analyse both your Sales team and the revenue that generate opportunities. 

Pipeline Management

Forecast Sales

Organise Sales Process

Tasks and Reminders


Improve the Sales Representatives routine

We integrate the Sales department with marketing and customer service to generate more leads and assign them to the sales team. 

  1. Integrate Marketing with Sales to generate more opportunities and ensure smooth communications between the two departments.
  2. Help the sales team to close the deals faster with the help of sales automation tools.
  3. Custom integration of various systems will allow you to view real customer data and save time. 
  4. Assign and manage specific tasks for your sales team and reminders associated with specific records and deadlines.

SMarketing Methodology

Track Sales Performance

Sales Automation

Deal Monitoring


Sales Dashboard

We create various reports to visually analyse and understand the performance of all the sales activities. 

  1. Calculate the sales insights and real time analysis with a wide range of information.
  2. Measure the KPI and monitor various metrics including the conversion rates and customer lifetime value.
  3. Classify and group customers in order to have up-to-date lists.
  4. Monitor the Sales team performance with customised reports and various analytical tools. 

Custom Dashboards

Personalised Reports

Visualization of KPI

Clusterization & RFM Analysis

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Our Client Reviews

Filippo Vacondio
"Professional team, caring, fast and able to provide highly qualified service. Well-structured and very competent CRM company with excellent knowledge of HubSpot. Keep up the good work!!!Highly recommended!"
Francesco Puglisi
"Honest, fast to reply and support, knowledgeable partner specifically on tech setup, integrations and platform capabilities, documentation produced and problem resolution."
Valentina Malavolta
"Their efforts to ensure we were completely taken care went above and beyond my expectations. He executed the technical requirements expertly and did an excellent job communicating with our team."