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Promotional Campaigns


Promotional Campaigns is the solution designed to encourage customers to repurchase and increase the average value of sales. How? By using promotional campaigns: automated communications sent to customers via email, text message and whatsapp whose goal is to stimulate continued purchases and reorders, thereby increasing overall profit. With targeted promotions and attractive offers, you can stimulate customer engagement, customer loyalty and revenue growth. For example for B2B there are communications about: re-orders, promo campaigns, guidelines, discounts, in-stock merch.


Boost your sales:

Encourage customers to buy again

Raise the average value of sales

Types of promotional campaigns:


These are promotions sent out in a massive way to push customers to buy again. For example: flash sales (promotions active for a short period of time), seasonal offers (for the Christmas season, Black Friday, etc.), back in stock, price change notifications on a product, etc.


These are promotions tailored to a specific customer based on their online behavior. One example is "Discovery Purchase," which is a type of promotion that offers the customer a product different from one they have already purchased. The goal is to expand the range of items purchased and make the customer discover other products of the brand.

Types of communications:


  • Cross-selling
  • New products
  • New campaings
  • Discovery purchase
  • Re-orders


  • Coupon
  • Voucher
  • Flash sales
  • Product price change


  • Reward programs
  • Giveaway
  • Guidelines
  • Product guidlines/sample/how to use the product
  • Educational content
  • Videos

The tools to boost your sales

Contact property (first order date, last order date, products purchased)

Voucher/coupon/promo integration systems

Software marketing automation

Lists for cross-selling and up-selling campaigns


To find out more about promotional campaigns on your e-commerce, discover Soluta's E-Commerce Communication solution! This product allows you to integrate your e-commerce platform with your CRM, and develop an email automation strategy to drive customers to repurchase.



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