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Mail & Convert


Mail & Convert allows you to transform leads into satisfied customers.

This service analyzes the behaviour of contacts in your database through a series of trackers and marketing automation software.

Discover the incredible potential of targeted messages, personalized communications and tailored newsletters to turn prospects into happy customers.

Convert your contacts into customers
Lead to purchase

Encourage contacts who are not customers yet to make a purchase for both B2B and B2C.



Behaviour analyses

Analyze the online behaviour of your potential customers thanks to different trackers and data collectors.




Targeted communications

Send personalized communications to your potential customers to encourage them to purchase.





Contact conversion tools:

Tracker: data collection based on the contact's web behavior

Contact properties: visited page, conversion data, life cycle status

Marketing automation software: email & SMS

Contacts lists: to be able to send targeted communications


Operative steps of the project


  • Trackers
  • Custom properties
  • Lists




  • Definition of the objectives
  • Definition of automatic flows


  • Design email
  • Content email




  • Email timeline
  • Performance analyses
  • Monitoring objectives


Mail & Convert allows you to send communications for:


Products: Product promotion (star products, back in stock, new products) and timely notifications to the sales network


Services: Tutorial, education, info products/company, newsletter


Products: Abandoned cart, product promotion, products information


Services: Newsletter, educative content


Did you know that...

Did you know that by setting up trackers on your site, you can collect data about your customers and their online behaviour? Soluta helps you set up trackers to organize customer records with custom properties.


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