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Customer Base Analysis


Customer Base Analysis is a solution specifically designed to provide a deep understanding of customer purchasing behaviour. This allows you to send personalized and engaging communications that encourage customers to buy from you again.

Through tools like RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value), customer churning and not buying analytics, you can get a complete overview of your audience and develop tailored strategies to maximize sales and retain customers.


Maximize your strategy

Analyze and understand the purchasing behaviour of your customers

Send personalized communications that encourage your customers to buy again


Analysis tools


Contact properties: first order date, last order date, products purchased, amount spent


Customer dashboard: churning customers, non-buying customers


RFM: Calculation of properties to group customers based on frequency, recency and monetary value


Calculation tools to analyze properties and create clusters: ML Anomaly

Customer Base Analysis allows you to



Send emails and set up automations when the customer risks to become churning. For example when it reduces the frequency or value of purchases compared to the previous year


Send emails to customers who are about to reach the next cluster


Send alerts to your sales force when their customers change behaviour


Set up targeted campaigns  for certain products or product update to strengthen customer loyalty


The operational steps of the project

Initial analysis of customer behaviour

Configuration of property on the CRM (products purchased, amount spent, etc)
Setting up monitoring tools: customer performance dashboards
Purchase performance configuration and analysis: RFM, churning, not-buying
Customer type analysis (more specific analysis)
Segmented lists
Design and content of emails
Setting up marketing flows
Performance analysis

Analysis examples:


To identify customers who are no longer buying and then to contact them

Next cluster:

To inform customers that they are about to reach an higher cluster and so are about to access higher discounts


A calculation on recency, frequency and monetary value to classify and segment customers based on the date of last purchase, frequency, and monetary value of a transaction

Birth and death rates:

To understand how many new customers you gain and how many customers you lose annually


Visit frequency:

To identify the ideal frequency for visiting your clients


To identify geographic elements (typology, urban density, competitors in the surrounding area) and then conduct an analysis of customer buying behavior


Did you know that...

Did you know that it is possible to measure customer loyalty? For example, with churning analysis you can obtain an accurate parameter that allows companies to evaluate the loyalty of their customers. This provides a detailed view of customer churn and allows companies to identify the main causes that lead to customer churn. As a result, you can adopt targeted strategies to improve customer satisfaction and increase their loyalty!

Based on the analysis done through customer base analysis, you can implement promotional campaigns tailored to the type of customer. 
To learn more visit Soluta's Promotional Campaigns product page!

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