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How Soluta integrated marketing and sales: a project example


Last month we supported a marketing campaign for the launch of a new product for one of our clients in the equipment and machinery sector. The need was to integrate marketing activities with sales activities in order to monitor customers' online behavior and promptly manage at the sales level the contacts most interested in purchasing.

The technologies used

For the launch of the new product, we sent an email to announce the news and created a landing page from which customers, by filling out a form, could schedule an appointment with their sales representatives to learn more about the new product.

With the aim of linking marketing to sales, we then created an automation that sent a notification to the relevant salesperson whenever the customer filled out the form to request information. In this way, the agent was able to quickly contact customers interested in purchasing the new product.

Soluta's activities The supporting technologies
  • Content and design of the email
  • Mass sending of the email with notification of the launch
  • Design e content of the landing page
  • Creating the workflow to notify the salesperson
  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
Benefits for the company:

Our client was able to gain a number of benefits from this project, including:

1. The ability to monitor customer behavior: thanks to the integration of marketing and sales activities, we were able to closely monitor customers' online behavior. This allowed us to collect data on their preferences, enabling us to tailor marketing strategies in a more targeted and effective way.

2. Timely handling of customer needs: through the automatic notification system, salespeople immediately received requests provided by customers following the completion of the form. This allowed them to respond to customers in a timely way, offering personalized and high-quality service.

3. An increase in closed opportunities won: through a combination of monitoring customer behavior and timely management of inquiries, we were able to identify the most promising sales opportunities. Salespeople therefore focused on opportunities with a high degree of customer interest, and this led to an increase in the number of successfully closed sales.

In conclusion, the integration of marketing and sales activities, supported by HubSpot and Salesforce technologies, has enabled our client to achieve many benefits, improving the ability to monitor and manage customer behavior, respond to customer needs in a timely manner, and increase successfully completed sales opportunities.




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