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Retain your customers with Loyalty Program


A key aspect to consider when running a business is building a strong relationship of trust with your customers. This is essential not only to encourage customers to return to shop, but also to stimulate an increase in the number of orders placed. When customers feel confident about a business, they are more likely to choose to buy from it again and increase the number of purchases.

Loyalty programs can be a valuable aid in establishing trust with your customers, encouraging them to make more frequent purchases. Through the implementation of automated systems to manage points programs, discounts and coupons, you can create a strong and lasting loyalty bond with your customers, thus avoiding losing them.

Through the Loyalty Program, you can carry out re-engagement campaigns with your customers so that you get:

  • a personalized customer experience through loyalty campaigns, points system, incentives and discounts
  • active customer engagement through various loyalty initiatives
  • an increase in customer loyalty that incentivizes them to make more frequent purchases

A project example:

Implementation of a points-based program

The project is based on creating a loyalty program that offers customers the opportunity to accumulate points, use coupons, and redeem rewards to incentivize purchases on the site. Specifically, we created a panel for managing and tracking accumulated points, a catalog of rewards, and a set of goals to be met to redeem those rewards.

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