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Tech Maker

Explore Soluta's projects and see how software expertise is put to work, including customizations and CRM integrations tailored to companies' needs.

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Senza un CRM

Un CRM (Customer Relationship Management) è una piattaforma tecnologica che gestisce la relazione con i clienti attraverso i tre principali processi del ciclo di vita del cliente: la generazione di lead, la gestione delle trattative e i servizi per i clienti.

Main Website images (19)

Con un CRM

Un CRM è una piattaforma unificata che integra i processi e memorizza le informazioni di vendita del cliente per gestire le relazioni con essi. Consente una gestione efficiente e semplifica la comunicazione tramite e-mail e attività al fine di ridurre il tempo e gli sforzi.

Salesforce, Klavyio, HubSpot and Shopify integration

Launch of a new e-commerce for a B2B client for which the systems integration and data flow part was managed.
  • Advantage: KPI monitoring, improved performance and customer satisfaction, business process automation
  • Technology: HubSpot, Salesforce, Klaviyo, Shopify
  • Client's sector: Manufacturing 
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Chatbot customer service configuration with AI

Configuration and customization of AI-powered interactive chatbots for customer service and semiautomated request handling.
  • Advantage: Reduced CS management time, increased customer satisfaction, performance monitoring
  • Technology: Freshdesk and Freshchat with integrated AI
  • Client's sector: Manufacturing
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Salesforce, SurveyMonkey e Agile Telecom integration for NPS monitoring

Semi-annual collection of customer feedback and NPS calculation with email and sms sending. The results are integrated into the CRM and the sales network can act promptly in case of issues.
  • Advantage: Constantly monitor satisfaction level, integration of nonanonymous response within CRM customer card to proactively reach out to dissatisfied customers
  • Technology: Salesforce, Survey Monkey, Agile Telecom SMS
  • Client's sector: Pharma/beauty 
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Webapp creation for assessments

Webapp that allows school evaluations to be entered within the server.

  • Advantage: Speed up internal processes with the use of easy and accessible apps
  • Technology: Javascript
  • Client's sector: Educational

Salesforce data organization

Data organization and advice on how to structure platforms to do marketing activities.

  • Advantage: Improving the efficiency of using Salesforce
  • Technology: ActiveCampaign
  • Client's sector: IT

Connector remake

Solution made on the Salesforce PM Hub platform to manage new product-related projects across the board.
  • Advantage: Centralized integration of information and improved progress monitoring
  • Technology: Salesforce
  • Customer's sector: Ceramics

HubSpot CRM implementation

Avvio di un progetto standard CRM HubSpot esteso a tutta la rete vendita.
  • Advantage: Increased CRM adoption, greater internal collaboration and reduced management time
  • Technology: HubSpot
  • Customer's sector: Manufacturing 

Chiosco digitale

App that enables student attendance management through a QR Code and a unique ID.
  • Advantage: New fast and easy way to collect data and manage it in CRM
  • Technology: ShowPaddy
  • Client's sector: Educational

Connettori "batch"

Connector that allows unstructured data to be processed in real time and then placed within CRM in an organized manner.  
  • Advantage: Upload data into CRM easily and automatically
  • Technology: DataPicker
  • Client's sector: Manufacturing 
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