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Creating a Proactive Helpdesk with Chatbots: A Concrete Example


We took a part in a project for one of our customer who is a principal player in one of the biggest industry in United States. The biggest goal was to reduce the workload caused by live chat while offering an instant support, easy and fast customer communication with no more long response times in solving clients inquiries and requests.

The technologies used:

Based on customer needs, we implemented the Freshworks Chatbot, a digital customer service assistant capable of:

  • Manage thousands of customer inquiries and provide real-time assistance around the clock
  • Offer self customer support
  • Answer specific and frequently asked questions
  • Learn, via Artificial Intelligence, from user behavior and previous interactions with agents to give relevant answers
  • Offer live interaction with agents when needed
  • Provide feedback and ratings at the end of the conversation

In this particular instance, the AI chatbot was integrated with various technologies and tools to enhance its functionality.

GN's tools Technologies used
  • Chatbot design and configuration
  • Integration with website
  • Automation flow implementation
  • Custom design user interface for ticket creation
  • CSAT Monitoring

Freshworks tools:

  • FreshDesk

  • FreshChat

The benefit for the customer:

AI chatbots are a one-time investment that can offer self-service, respond quickly to a huge number of inquiries, point customers in the right direction, and pass conversations to live agents when needed.

If you are considering implementing a chatbot for your customer service, it is important to know the key benefits that have helped our client improve its customer support.

1. Increased team productivity and reduced internal costs

By leveraging chatbots, the customer service team was able to benefit from continuous collaboration and improved productivity.

The customer service team needed to focus on more complex inquiries and automate repetitive requests such as "What is your return policy?" Through the use of chatbots, they were able to reduce overhead, thus avoiding the need to hire additional customer support resources.

In addition, within the platform, each agent has a customized view, which allows the company to track and identify specific customers being serviced by each agent.

Finally, SLA management in Freshchat has helped the company ensure that customer requests are handled in a timely manner and in accordance with resolution times.

2. Improved customer engagement

The chatbot ensured a smooth and seamless conversational experience for customers. It optimized information search time and provided quick responses, saving customers time and meeting their needs effectively.

In addition, the customer service team was able to monitor CSAT scores to understand what was working and what needed improvement, leading to an overall increase in customer satisfaction.

3. Monitoring and analysis

Through the use of Freshworks, the company had access to a comprehensive control panel with a wide range of reports. These reports allowed the company to monitor agent performance, request resolution times, customer satisfaction scores, and the history of conversations made with each customer. The accurate monitoring gave the company a comprehensive and detailed view of customer service as a whole.