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Monitoring NPS through Salesforce, SurveyMonkey and Agile Telecom


Gathering customer feedback is essential for understanding their needs and preferences.

This month we took part in a NPS project for B2B for one of our customer that needs to monitor customer satisfaction levels in order to maintain an high reputation in the industry.

Twice a year, the company sends surveys to its distributors and salons located in various cities around the world, such as New York, London and Paris, as well as Italy. These questionnaires are used to measure satisfaction levels and gather feedback on the brand and the products that customers have recently purchased. In addition, customers can also express concerns about problems they are facing with the company.

The technologies used

In order to collect Customer Feedbacks, we have helped them to implement the NPS survey. The Net promoter score (NPS) is a metric that helps measures the loyalty of customers to a company, product or service with a single-question survey.

Immagine NPS

In this specific case, the NPS method was used in combination with other technologies and tools.

GN's tools Technologies used
  • Lists of customers segmented by country, language and type of market
  • Designing the survey
  • Track and monitor the results
  • Retrieve those who did not reply to the survey
  • Salesforce, for the segmented lists
  • Survey Monkey, for designing the survey
  • Agile Telecom SMS, to retrieve those who did not reply
The benefit for the customer

The implementation of the NPS survey has brought numerous advantages to the customer, allowing them to:

1. Proactively reach out to unhappy customers: with the survey being nominal and not anonymous, sales representatives can directly connect with these customers and address their concerns in a timely manner;

2. Gain insights of the brand perception across different countries: by measuring the brand's perception in each country, the customer can gain valuable understanding of overall satisfaction levels across diverse cultures;

3. Continuously monitor satisfaction levels: by conducting the survey periodically, every 6 months, the customer can consistently track the improvement of brand perception in each country;

4. Gather valuable feedback: the NPS survey allows the customer to collect open feedback, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of their brand experience and identify common issues faced by the majority of customers.

Having the platforms integrated made it easy ro send and equally easy to monitor the nominal results. The survey was sent via email with SurveyMonkey and via SMS with Agile Telecom. Both platforms were integrated with Salesforce, which serves as a single collector of customer information.