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Marketing products to attract and convert



Soluta has designed a package of digital tools to help companies expand their online presence and their customer base through effective digital strategies. Using a combination of digital marketing tools and data analytics, this package is tailored to capture the interest of your potential customers and convert them into tangible sales opportunities.


The package consists of three Soluta products:

Immagini Newsletter Febbraio 24 (Post Instagram)Digital Touchpoint Management: this allows you to manage your online presence with the goal of attracting potential customers and encouraging effective interactions, thanks to full integration with CRM. This product provides extensions for your site (blogs, landing pages, forms and social) that can be easily integrated without the need to change technologies. The goal is to improve your online presence by integrating blogs, landing pages, forms and social, leveraging the potential of the web and attracting new leads to grow your contact list.


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Immagini Newsletter Febbraio 24 (Post Instagram) (1)Mail & Convert: this allows you to turn your leads into satisfied customers. This product analyzes the behavior of contacts in your database through a series of trackers and marketing automation software. Converting leads into customers has never been easier: Mail & Convert allows you to lead to purchase by stimulating contacts who are not yet customers, to analyze the online behavior of potential customers through various trackers and data collection tools, and to send targeted and personalized communications to potential customers, incentivizing them to buy for both B2B and B2C sites.



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Immagini Newsletter Febbraio 24 (Post Instagram) (2)Customer Segmentation: this helps you thoroughly understand your existing customers, organizing them into distinct groups based on their preferences, behaviors and demographics. At the same time, it allows you to track and monitor new potential customers, categorizing them based on their online searches and behaviors. The goal of this product is to actively and continuously profile contacts and potential customers by continually collecting data on contacts' interests and needs through surveys and other profiling tools.


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These three products are grouped into one versatile and comprehensive solution that gives you the ability to generate new potential customers from the web and the practicality of tracking their lifecycle, all thanks to data collection and analysis tools.