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Launch Your Tech Journey with GN: Four Exciting Opportunities Await!

GN isn't just an IT company; we're the first supporter for high school students, to explore the digital world. Whether you're into programming, software creation, front and back end, or data scientist, we've got the perfect set-up for you to experiment, learn and start building tangible workplace experience alongside your academic journey.

Today, we would like to announce four different opportunities for you to start strong in the tech industry. From flexible afternoons, summer bootcamp, full time or part time during the university or upon graduation, GN is your guide to a professional development in the IT sector.

Ready to transform your curiosity into a career? Let’s explore these four pathways together.

1. Two afternoons in GN and 1 remote Day

For students who would like to practice or lean specific coding languages or learn how to use advanced softwares, GN offers a flexible program that combines on-site and remote work. Spend two afternoons with us at GN, working on real projects that make a difference, and enjoy one day a week remotely.

.This balance allows you to improve your skills while pursuing your academic responsibilities. It's an ideal setup for students who want to apply what they've learned in school in a real-world, enhancing their learning through practical experience.

2. Summer Bootcamp

Our Summer Bootcamp, running from mid-June to mid-July, is an intensive four-week program designed to involve you fully in the GN work environment. It's a perfect opportunity for those who wish to dedicate a portion of their summer to gaining valuable work experience, learning new skills, and working with our team on real projects.

This help you to gain real experience for your CV in addition to developing yourself in your free time!

3. Part-Time During University

GN supports students who wish to continue their education while gaining professional experience. Our part-time work opportunities are specifically designed to fit around your university schedule, allowing you to contribute to our projects without conflicting your studies. This program is an excellent choice for students who want to enhance their resumes, build professional networks, and apply their knowledge in a dynamic workplace. At GN, we believe in supporting your academic goals while providing a platform to put your learning into practice in support of trainings.

4. Full-time after graduation

Once you complete your university journey, GN is ready to welcome you aboard as a full-time member of our team. Joining GN full-time is an opportunity to supports professional development, values innovation and encourages continuous learning. We're committed to helping you as recent graduate to enter the professional world, ensuring that the beginning of your careers is productive as possible.


At GN, we're not just offering jobs, we're investing in futures. Our program for high school students are designed to nurture your development from a learner to a skilled professional, with opportunities that align with every stage of your educational journey. Whether you're just starting to explore your interests, ready to dive deep into a summer bootcamp, balancing studies with work, or stepping into the professional world, GN has a place for you.

Join us, and let's build the future together.