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Join Our Summer Bootcamp: Elevate Your IT Skills!

Are you a tech student eager to dive into the dynamic world of IT? Well, guess what? You're lucky!

Our Summer Bootcamp is your opportunity to hands-on training, explore new technologies, and enhance your IT skills!

What is Summer Bootcamp?

Boot Camp is a form of training in a real workplace. It is an opportunity through which you can practice, enhance your IT skills through projects, collaborate with our expert team, experience advanced technologies in a fun and stimulating environment!

Four weeks of experience starting from 17 of June to 12 of July, tailored especially for you to enhance your IT skills in the area of your choose: Software development - Programming - Front and back end - data analysis.

Why join GN?

At GN, we're passionate about creating and using technology. As an international tech company specialize in CRM (that's Customer Relationship Management, by the way), our mission is simple: to create awesome digital applications using the latest tech.

What are the benefits?
  1. Develop Your IT Skills: through projects created especially to enhance your skills in the IT area of your choose with the support of our technical team.

  2. Enhance Your Resume: Gain invaluable experience to enrich your resume, but also our experienced HR department help you to create a professional CV.

  3. Explore New Technologies: From software development to data analysis, programming, and front and back end, you have the chance to explore the latest advancements and trends in IT.

  4. Test Your Future Job: Unsure about your career path? Our Bootcamp offers a glimpse into different IT roles, helping you make informed decisions about your future supported with advices from us.

  5. Receive trainings from our experts in the IT field.

  6. Gain money in a short period: Have you some free time before the start of your summer? Join our bootcamp to improve your IT skills while get a reimbursement of expenses.

Experience the international workplace:

Dive into an international environment where you have the possibility to practice your Italian or English language, connect with peoples from a diverse culture, and meet our international customers, to make your experience unforgettable!

Book your seat today!

Because of our limited spots available, apply now, so you don’t miss out this opportunity. Take the first step to grow your skills, and to add a professional experience to your resume!

Apply now to secure your place in our Summer Bootcamp and to unlock the future of technology with us!