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From Classroom to Career: How GN prepares High School students for Success

With a strong passion for technology and digital marketing, we are dedicated to nurturing the young generation of tech students. GN offers a paralleled opportunity for high school students to dive into the world of information technology, far from the boundaries of traditional classroom learning.

At GN, we believe in the power of hands-on experience and real-world application. High school students are invited to explore in those four areas in support of our technical team:

  1. Software creation

  2. Programming

  3. Data analysis

  4. Front-end and back-end development

In addition to offering the students the opportunity to test their innovative ideas, learn IT languages of their choice, and even develop new skills that align with their interests.

Beyond the Code

What sets GN experience apart is not just the technical learning but the journey that we provide for the students as being part of our team:

  • Receive specialized training: Tailored training sessions are conducted to enhance both technical and soft skills, preparing students for the professional world.

  • Create their professional CV: With our support, students create a compelling CV, marking the first step in their professional journey.

  • Softs skills: Students are willing to learn many skills as time management, ability to organize their work in addition to work in team. 

A Multicultural, Bilingual Environment

As an international team, GN offers a unique environment where students practice both Italian and English, preparing them for global career opportunities. This exposure to a multicultural workplace help students to enhance their communication skills.

The Future Path

Our program is not just a short-term experience but a potential long-term opportunities. At the end of their internship, students may choose to stay with us part-time or, upon graduation, join GN full-time or part-time while pursuing university studies.

In conclusion, GN is not just preparing high school students for a career in IT; we are opening doors to a future where they can thrive in their passion, innovate with their ideas, and become leaders in technology.

Are you interesting to experiment this journey with us? We are waiting your application! 


Stay tuned for our next article, where we will discuss the exciting opportunities that await those who begin their journey with GN.