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Beyond the university classroom: Work opportunities for YOU at GN!

In today’s dynamic and competitive job market, the pursuit of higher education based on classroom, is no longer enough. The integration of work opportunities into students academic journey becomes essential.

For this reason, we at GN offer a diverse work options tailored to enhance your education as a student or offer you your first job role after graduation. 

At GN, we provide a supportive environment where you can apply theoretical knowledge to a real world challenges in support of advanced technologies and softwares.

This article explores the opportunities available to you at GN, whether seeking to gain practical skills or dive on a full career path, GN aim to be the first empower for the next generation talent.


Here are some potential work opportunities for you as a university student:

  1. Thesis internship: At GN, we offer you the chance to engage in innovative projects, collaborate with national or international customers and track the project phase form A to Z to gain a valuable and unique experience but also to complete the creation of your thesis! 

  2. Part-time employment during studies: GN provides a supportive workplace environment if you seek to apply your skills or classroom knowledge into practice. We offer flexible working hours to suit your academic schedules.

  3. Full-time employment during studies: If you prefer full-time employment alongside your studies, we at GN offer you a variety of opportunities while maintain a great work-life balance. 

  4. Full-time roles post-graduation: If you are a fresh graduate and seeking a full time job role, you are welcome at GN! We are happy to offer you your first experience and design for you a clear career path full of growth and development. 

  5. Exploratory opportunities: Unsure about your chosen major or future career path? we are happy to support you by offering short-term roles in those areas:  programming, software creation, front and back end, data scientist and marketing, accompanied by mentorship and guidance to help you in making decision about your professional career.


As GN, we present a range of opportunities for you as student to gain valuable work experience, enhance your education and prepare you for future career. Whether through internship, part-time or full-time employment, GN fosters an environment full of growth and learning.

If you're interested in learning more about these opportunities or wish to set up an interview, we encourage you to contact us. Explore our current openings positions and send us your CV to get started your journey toward a rewarding career with GN. We look forward to hear from you and discuss how we can support your academic and professional growth.