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Loyalty Program


Loyalty Program allows you to create a relationship of trust with your customers, encouraging them to make new purchases more frequently.

Soluta supports you in implementing automations and managing the points system, thus simplifying the process for you.

Thanks to incentives, rewards, discounts, coupons and loyalty programs, you will be able to create a solid and lasting loyalty bond with your customers, avoiding losing them.



Customer re-engagement campaigns:


Through loyalty campaigns, points system, incentives and discounts


Of customers through various loyalty initiatives


The level of customer loyalty by encouraging them to make more frequent purchases

Tools to increase loyalty:

Contact propriety (date of the first order, date of the last order, purchased products, amount spent, type of subscription, score, renewal, fidelity card)
Coupon System management and points & scoring
Email marketing software

The operational steps of the project

  • Configuration of custom proprieties
  • Point system
    • points accumulated
    • unlock achievement
    • benefits catalog


  • Customer typology analysis
  • Creation of lists by score type


  • Support in creating the design and content of emails





  • Purchasing performance monitoring

Did you know that...

Did you know that you can incentivize your customers to re-purchase and increase purchases through loyalty campaigns created based on your customers' properties ? Soluta helps you to implement scoring and coupon systems based on certain properties to allow you to increase the loyalty of your customers.



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