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Experts in CRM Solutions

Coordinate Sales, Marketing and Customer Service with Soluta. We provide the best CRM, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation and Help Desk solutions.

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Our Core Competencies

CRM Experts

We have an extensive knowledge of business methodologies and thanks to this expertise we can help you implement CRM processes: from lead generation, to sales management including customer support.

Software Developer

We can integrate CRM and create customizations or applications that support the needs of your business thanks to our technical expertise in software development.


Are you looking for a solution to grow your business ?


We are here to help you!

  • Implement new strategies for attracting leads thanks to Inbound Marketing, engage and nurture them through marketing automation workflows in order to transfer interested and qualified leads to the sales team.

  • Increase turnover by giving the sales force a CRM with complete and up-to-date customer files and features to instantly manage leads and customers.

  • Manage customer support by integrating multiple channels for managing requests and tickets.

Our Solutions

The Goals you can reach with us


Our Marketing services help you find the right customers and categorize them. We give you a hand in building landing pages, creating campaigns, and collecting leads through forms, in order to grow your business and reach more people.

  • Lead Generation strategy
  • Email Marketing and Automation
  • Campaigns analysis
  • Contacts profiling


CRM allows you to manage relationship with your current and potential customers. Track the customer lifecycle, send personalized communications using sales sequences, schedule meetings, but also use reports and dashboards to analyse the results of your activities.

  • Up-to-date customer file
  • Business management and commercial interactions
  • Sales sequences
  • Reports and dashboards

Customer Service

With a Help Desk Software you can quickly manage your customers' requests thanks to the integration of multiple ticket opening channels, assignment and response automation, collaboration and performance analysis.

  • Multichannel management of tickets
  • Client satisfaction analysis
  • Automatic chat bots and portals
  • Reports and analytics dashboards
  • We create amazing digital products.
  • We create amazing digital products.
  • We create amazing digital products.
  • We create amazing digital products.
  • We create amazing digital products.

Tools that helps you reach your goals.

CRM Software

Strengthen and organize your customer data in an updated sheet integrated with email and calendar.

Sales Automation

Automate repetitive tasks with Email Automation and involve your customers.

Lead Generation

Generate leads through Inbound and Outbound Marketing tools (Landing Page, CTA, form, Ads, Social, Blog). 


Email Marketing

Create automation and send emails through simple drag&drop templates and A/B test campaigns.

Software Help Desk 

Provide the customer support team a tool to manage requests from multiple channels (portals, site, form, chatbot, Social, phone).

Data analysis

We analyze the performance of Marketing, Sales and Customer Service thanks to integrated analytical tools.

Our Methodology

We follow a strategic and structured methodology step by step, from understanding your business to implementing operations with the help of various technologies.

1. Consultation

We are a team of experts with more than 15 years of experience in CRM systems. We provide specialised consulting to help you adopt the most appropriate technology tools to successfully complete your business's marketing, sales, and customer service goals.

2. Configuration

After carefully examining your current business processes, we work to customise tools and platforms, including HubSpot and Freshdesk, to best suit your needs. 

3. Integration

We are specialized in system integration, and when necessary, we can integrate a CRM to one of your existing systems, such as ERP system.

4. Data Analysis

We provide a data analysis service that enables you to have an in-depth knowledge of your business' current performance and helps you make decisions based on the data.

5. Training

We provide both online and offline training sessions to facilitate the understanding of softwares implementation in your business and to assist the users in the change process. 

6. Migration

We assist you in improving existing solutions and help you in the data migration process from one system to another.  In this way it is possible to maintain data by adopting new tools and improving processes.




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Our Technologies

We are partners and experts in a wide range of software and technologies, to take care of Marketing, Sales and Customer Service activities.



HubSpot is an Inbound and Automation Marketing platform with integrated CRM that can be integrated with other databases. 


Freshworks is a software that offers CRM and Customer Service solutions for Back Office and IT department.

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM manages customer data and offers a development platform for integrating CRM with other functionalities.

GN SalesPaddy

SalesPaddy is a "Post-CRM" solution specifically designed to allow sales agents to efficiently manage their customers. Designed to be used on tablets, this app is easily integrated with both Salesforce CRM and HubSpot, offering more complete and personalized customer management experience.


SALESmanago is the ideal software to engage customers in eCommerce. Thanks to its sophisticated customer intelligence system, it allows to customize the user experience in the shop in an easy and intuitive way. 

GN DataPicker

It is a Real Time Data Integration tool that retrieves information from various databases, both offline and online, in order to transmit small data transactions.

Google Workspace

Google for every business need: Google Cloud Platform, Google Workspace and Google Ads.


This software was created to help development teams to plan, monitor and deliver high quality software thanks to the Agile methodology.

Google Looker Studio

Looker is a platform for business intelligence, data applications and integrated analytics.


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