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A checklist of promotional campaigns you can activate to increase sales


In this article you can find out more about promotional campaigns you can set up to encourage recurring purchases and reorders from your customers through automated email, SMS and WhatsApp. 

Through targeted promotions and attractive offers, this product helps you boost customer interaction, customer loyalty, and increased profit. The types of communications are divided into standard and promotional and can be distinguished according to their purpose into: product communications, price communications, loyalty communications, and informational communications.

Promotional Campaigns therefore allows you to boost your sales, prompting customers to buy again by increasing the average value of sales.

Here are some examples of the promotions you can activate to improve your performance:

A B2B example: Re-ordering

Regarding the B2B sector, a clear example of a customized promotional campaign involves re-orders, designed to incentivize existing customers to place repeat orders and maintain long-term relationships with suppliers. With these communications, it is possible, for example, to offer discounts or special rates to customers who place orders frequently or exceed certain spending thresholds. This can incentivize customers to consolidate their purchases, even larger ones.

A B2C example: Cross-selling

One example of personalized and on-product communications in the B2C sector involves “cross-selling,” which is a strategy in which the seller offers customers products that are related or complementary to those they are already buying. This practice aims to increase the overall value of purchases and better meet customers' needs. This not only improves their experience but can also increase revenue and promote greater loyalty to the company.