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Project of the month: manage sales campaigns through BI


Many companies face the daunting task of streamlining their operations and data analysis in this digital age. We, as GN, can offer a flexible transformation as we understand that every business has its unique needs and complex processes. 

For this Italian E-commerce venture, our task was to untangle the complexity and integrate various solutions for sales campaign management. This is what we wanted to accomplish:

  1. Real-time monitoring of their active sales campaigns;

  2. Comparing data from the current year with the previous year;

  3. Campaign sales projections.

Unlike traditional analysis, they needed to understand what was selling in real-time in order to will facilitate them to plan their productivity effectively. The task at hand was complex and time consuming as they had to handle everything manually in Excel files. 

The Technologies used

We have leveraged our expertise in data analysis using a diverse range of cutting-edge tool and technologies. Our solution was rooted in Business Intelligence that included:

GN's tools

Technologies used
  • Creation of Live Report 
  • Manage the Database of contacts
  • Developing connectors for continuous data flow and building a data warehouse (from ERP to Big Query)
  • Microsoft "Power BI"
  • Google Cloud Based "Big Query"
  • Connectors
The benefits for the customer

Thanks to all these technologies, the need for repetitive report creation, data collection, and distribution is eliminated and the real-time information flows seamlessly to the team.

This database-backed solution allowed the management to address requests more efficiently, from directors to sales teams. It facilitated faster monitoring of sales team performance through multiple analysis and versatility.

Along with the live reports, the presented data included a variety of analyses, such as:

  • Campaign Analysis

  • Product Line Analysis

  • Customer Segmentation

  • Discount Analysis

With our support, the company was able to actively monitor campaigns, forecast sales, and compare their current performance to the previous year, all in real time.