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Attract new potential customers with Digital Touchpoint Management


Soluta, CRM Expert, offers a perfect marketing solution to effectively integrate CRM to all your digital channels.
With Soluta's support you can optimize your data management and improve digital performance, thus maximizing the potential of your online business. If your goal is to attract new potential customers this is the right solution for you.

Digital Touchpoint Management is the must-have to stay ahead of the curve!
Soluta offers a solid technology infrastructure to manage your online presence with the goal of attracting potential customers and fostering effective interactions through full integration with CRM. Soluta provides extensions for your site (blogs, landing pages, forms and social) that can be easily integrated without the need to change technologies.

With Digital Touchpoint Management you can achieve:

  • the integration of blogs, landing pages, forms and social
  • the growth of your online presence by leveraging the potential of the web
  • new leads and growth of your contact list
  • the increase in sales and improvement of your results

A project example:

Digital Touchpoint Management is the perfect ally for creating engaging and interesting content for your target audience. Through the creation of landing pages, ebooks and articles, you can closely monitor your contacts' behavior and constantly improve your content to drive them to conversion.

An example of a project is to create landing pages with informative content, such as ebooks or case studies, that can be downloaded through a form. In this way, we can learn more about the contacts and divide them according to their interests.

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