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A personalized loyalty program for B2B: Soluta's new project

Over the course of this month, Soluta took on a project working closely with an international client. The goal? To create an exclusive B2B loyalty program, custom-designed to incentivize repeat purchases, motivating customers to buy in order to redeem rewards earned through points acquired.

How does it work?

After joining the program, customers can access the portal through their personal e-commerce area. Here, they can keep track of their points balance, monitor those earned and those lost through orders and redeemed rewards, and learn about all active marketing campaigns.

In addition, we have implemented a system of automated communications that include: 
  • Welcome email: upon activation of the program all the information to participate in the program is sent out
  • Email with the current status of the points
  • Timely email “only a short time to the next cluster”

Alcuni esempi

HubSpot Automation for sending emails 



Welcome email with explanations about the program




Points status update
Each customer receives a personalized email with his or her current score achieved. The email contains a specific “tag” that updates based on the customer it is sent to



Only a few points to go!
When a customer is close to the threshold to earn rewards they are notified with a timely email, this allows them to be incentivized to purchase when they are a few points away from the success level.


This program makes it possible to maintain an ongoing dialogue with customers, creating a strong and lasting bond with the brand. Using these automations, makes it possible to identify customers who may need an additional incentive to continue placing orders. This accurate segmentation makes it possible to activate targeted actions, thus strengthening their engagement and loyalty.
Through the points acquired from orders placed, customers can redeem a variety of prizes that they can choose and select from the prize catalog.
The technologies used

To complete this project, we relied on the following technological tools:

Soluta's activities Tools 
  • Initial analysis
  • Cluster division
  • Generation of detailed reports
  • Mail automation
  • Workflow
  • Creation of the portal
  • Point catalog creation
  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
Benefits for the company

The client was able to gain a number of benefits from this project, including:

1. Pushing less active customers to buy more: By being able to accumulate points and redeem rewards, customers found a real incentive to shop, thereby increasing sales opportunities. This strategy has proven to be effective in keeping attention on the brand alive.

2. Stimulating those who have signed up for the loyalty program but have not yet made any purchases: Through personalized and targeted communications, participants receive messages reminding them of the opportunity to earn points and redeem rewards through their purchases. This approach serves to prompt customers to take action, thereby increasing interest and membership in the program itself. 

3. Building customer trust: customers have the opportunity to establish a solid bond with their customers, showing appreciation and recognition for their loyalty. This approach not only increases trust in the brand, but also fosters customer loyalty, encouraging customers to continue choosing the company's products and services. 

In conclusion, this project has enabled our client to build trust with its customers, improve its ability to monitor and manage its customers' behaviors so that it can respond to their needs.

If you want to learn more about how to build a relationship with your customers and stimulate them to make new purchases, check out Soluta's marketing solution: Loyalty Program.

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