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Why should you use HubSpot over others Marketing and Sales Platforms?


HubSpot is an all-in-one platform that connects every aspect of your company to serve as a single source of truth, not just a CRM system. It includes Hubs for Operations, Sales, marketing, customer service, and content management systems as everything is under one roof. This allows you to stop using multiple tools and systems for each of your departments and allows all of your teams to work together in the same system while creating relationship with your customers. The sales & marketing cooperation, automation, collection of data, user-friendliness, create workflows and reports & dashboards are just a few of the aspects that set it apart from competitors and are covered in greater detail in the section below.

Since you can track how customers are interacting with your offerings online, having a CRM and a structured approach to working with it, facilitates the creation of personalized customer experiences. By filling out a form on your website, leads can be added as contacts in your CRM. You can then send them a few automated follow-up emails and try to set up a meeting to learn more about your contacts and their organizations.

1. Sales and Marketing Cooperation

There are many benefits for using HubSpot CRM, including the ability to facilitate Sales & Marketing Collaboration. Despite being separate departments, Sales and Marketing must work together effectively to be successful. They may collaborate easily and obtain a complete understanding of a contact's relationship with your business thanks to the HubSpot CRM. Additionally, they can leave feedback and notes for one another, as well as tag particular team members to keep them informed.


2. Automate Repetitive Tasks

Some customer communications require a team member's attention. This is true whether speaking with potential customers or handling complicated situations. Often tasks are easy and repetitive, but they can take an excessive amount of time. So, HubSpot support you effectively by automatically tracking all those interactions.

Additionally, you can set up workflows for sending to your sales team notifications.

For example, HubSpot enables you to create an automation based on page views so that, when a contact view the Pricing Page, the automation send to the sales team a notification to remind them to promptly reach out to the contact.


3. It Collects Data

You won't have to worry about manually keeping track of anything once you start using HubSpot's CRM. Every time someone makes a purchase, refers a friend, visits your website for the first time, fills out a form on a landing page, visit your page frequently, accesses it via a mobile device rather than a computer, or views one of your social media posts or marketing emails, HubSpot will automatically collect those informations. The platform stores all of this data automatically so you can give them a better customized experience.

For example, you will have the possibility to track the emails that customers opened or clicked and the purchases that they made. This will help you create customized and targeted communications that will bring customers to feel special and be more loyal to your company.


4. It is User-Friendly and provides comprehensive education

HubSpot CRM is user-friendly and quite simple. Finding what you need on the menu is simple because of its clear format. You can also be guided to the set-up process but you can skip any steps that you aren't ready to complete. In addition to the chat support provided on the dashboard.

With HubSpot, you can find a guidelines for every single issue, offered properly for you through accessing HubSpot Academy that is ranked as one of the top online learning platforms in the world. There is an extensive number of online courses that will not only teach you how to use the software but also provide you useful advice on how to best utilize the platform functions for your Marketing and Sales Activities.

In case for additional resources, you can check GN youtube channel that also offer for you many online courses based on HubSpot:Go to our Youtube Channel


5. It let you create Workflows

Workflows, a function in HubSpot's Marketing Hub, automates Marketing, Sales, and Support procedures. You may fill out one of the available templates if you need to tell a sales representative to get in touch with a new lead, arrange a meeting with a prospect, or welcome a fresh customer, and the platform will assign the tasks to the appropriate employee upon certain enrollment triggers.

For example, through those Workflows you can automatically send a thank you email to a customer that made a purchase.


6. Reports and Dashboards 

Turn HubSpot into the source of truth for all your data to get powerful, comprehensive analytics reports. Seamlessly connect your CRM data to your marketing, sales, and service data.

Your HubSpot reports play a key role in helping you understand how your customers are performing on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, so it’s important that your dashboards set up to provide you with the most useful data possible like the number of views of landing page, who submit a firm, open a deal or even schedule a call. Due to the fact that you’re using an all-in-one platform that’s likely to store the majority of your data, these dashboards are relatively easy to build. You simply find or create the reports that you want to be included and then add them to your dashboard.



Although these are just a few of our favorites advantages, the list of what HubSpot has to offer as an all-in-one platform could go on for days. In general, companies can receive a variety of benefits from using HubSpot, including the ability to manage all customer contacts in a single location, obtain a deeper understanding of their customers through data and analytics while targeting them based on their preferences. In addition to increase the effectiveness and cooperation between marketing and sales departments. Businesses may enhance their customer interactions and increase sales and revenue by adopting HubSpot while being supported by an online library as a guidelines.