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Soluta Bootcamp 2024: Prepare the Next Generation of IT Professionals

What is Summer Bootcamp?

Boot Camp is a form of training in our real workplace. It is an opportunity through which tech student can practice, enhance their IT skills through projects, collaborate with our expert team, experience advanced technologies in a fun and stimulating environment!

Four weeks of experience starting from 17 of June to 12 of July, tailored especially for them to enhance their skills in the area of their choose: Software development - Programming - Front and back end - data analysis.

Why join Soluta?

At Soluta, we're passionate about creating and using technology. As an international tech company specialize in CRM (that's Customer Relationship Management), our mission is simple: to create awesome digital applications using the latest tech.

Benefits gained from joining this program
  1. Develop IT Skills: Engage in real projects designed to enhance their IT skills with full support of our technical team.

  2. Explore New Technologies: Gain exposure to the latest advancements and trends in IT, ranging from software development to data analysis, programming, and front and back-end development.

  3. Receive Expert Trainings: Learn from our experienced professionals in the IT field and improve their practical knowledge.

  4. Test their Future Job: Unsure about their career path? Our Bootcamp offers a glimpse into different IT roles, helping them make informed decisions about their future with guidance from our team.

  5. Enhance their Resume: Gain invaluable experience to enrich their resume. Additionally, our experienced HR department will help them to create a professional CV.

  6. Gain Money in a Short Period: Improve their skills while get reimbursed for their expenses during the Bootcamp.

  7. Experience the International Workplace: They have the possibility to practice their Italian or English language, connect with peoples from a diverse culture, and meet our international customers, to make their experience unforgettable!

Attend Events and Networking Opportunities

Our Bootcamp is prepared with a series of events for students, including:

  • Speeches from Our Customers: Focusing on IT job market challenges and the technologies they use, these speeches will be open not only to Bootcamp participants but also to all high school students, and professors.

  • Lectures by School Professors: Outside the standard school programs, these sessions aim to support students in their after-school journey and prepare them for the job market.

Final Presentation and Certification
At the end of the Bootcamp, students will present their work to earn certificates, demonstrating their acquired skills and knowledge during the program.
Collaborate to support future IT professionals

School professors and Soluta customers are invited to participate in this Charity Program to support the next generation of IT professionals and engineering. If you are interesting in offering 1 hour of speech or lesson of your choose, don’t hesitate to contact us to manage the event by specifying the preferred date, time and topic to be discussed.

Thank you for helping us in shaping the IT future!

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